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Do you need to get to or from the Airport Prague? We are here for you - best prices, always on time, absolute reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are all the prices up to date?
Answer: Yes, they are.
Question: Is it possible to pay in other currencies then CZK?
Answer: Yes, it is posible to pay with EUR. But we accept banknotes only and we give you the change back in CZK.
Question: How long in advance do I have to place the order?
Answer: We recommend minimum 24 hours.
Question: How quickly do you respond to placed orders?
Answer: Within 60 minutes during our business hours daily 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Central European (Summer) Time.
Question: How quickly do you respond to email questions?
Answer: Within 24 hours.
Question: Why is it necessary to pay an advance payment for order from/to outside of Prague?
Answer: This is because we want to keep the best prices for our fair customers. In the past, we unfortunately had a lot of no-show situations, which were of course a loss for us, which we have to cover from other orders. If we reduce this number of no-show situations, we can give better prices to all our fair customers.

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