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Price list

Prices are shown when paying in cash (i.e. after the 5% discount has been applied).

To view prices when paying by credit/debit card or by banking account transfer (Czech banks only), click here.

These are the final prices. We are NOT the VAT registered subject, and therefore NO VAT is charged. The prices are regardless of the number of people. One car can take up to 4 passengers.
When you order a car, you DO NOT PAY the return journey of the empty car. So if you order a transfer from Prague to Brno, you really pay only 3200 CZK.
If you order a transfer FROM/TO any place FROM/TO outside Prague and you are using our services for the first time, we require the advance payment of 1/3 of the price in advance. It is possible to do it online using credit/debit card or PayPal. Please see our FAQ section for an explanation of this.


Transfers to major cities - fixed prices

Airport Prague - Prague1.200,- CZK
Prague - Brno   3.330,- CZK
Prague - Ostrava   5.230,- CZK
Prague - Liberec   2.280,- CZK
Prague - České Budějovice   2.760,- CZK
Prague - Ústí nad Labem   1.710,- CZK
Prague - Plzeň   1.620,- CZK
Prague - Karlovy Vary   2.190,- CZK
Prague - Hradec Králové   2.280,- CZK
Prague - Pardubice   2.280,- CZK
Prague - Jihlava   2.280,- CZK
Prague - Olomouc   4.180,- CZK
Prague - Zlín   4.470,- CZK


Transfers outside Czech Republic - fixed prices

Prague - Mnichov   5.420,- CZK
Prague - Frankfurt nad Mohanem   7.130,- CZK
Prague - Norimberk   4.280,- CZK
Prague - Drážďany   2.760,- CZK
Prague - Vídeň   4.470,- CZK
Prague - Vídeň letiště Schwechat   4.750,- CZK
Prague - Berlín   4.940,- CZK
Prague - Bratislava   4.940,- CZK


Transfers to other places of Czech Republic - maximum prices

Prague - Středočeský kraj   2.190,- CZK
Prague - Ústecký kraj   2.380,- CZK
Prague - Plzeňský kraj   3.420,- CZK
Prague - Karlovarský kraj   2.950,- CZK
Prague - Jihočeský kraj   3.420,- CZK
Prague - kraj Vysočina   3.230,- CZK
Prague - Pardubický kraj   3.330,- CZK
Prague - Královéhradecký kraj   3.330,- CZK
Prague - Liberecký kraj   2.760,- CZK
Prague - Jihomoravský kraj   4.180,- CZK
Prague - Olomoucký kraj   4.560,- CZK
Prague - Zlínský kraj   4.750,- CZK
Prague - Moravskoslezský kraj   5.420,- CZK



Extra charges

You are always notified in advance of any extra charge, with the option to refuse the corresponding extra service.
Extra charge for entering the airport Prague. This is a compulsory extra charge
imposed by the airport on July 1st 2018 and is added to every ride
from or to airport Prague.
40 CZK

Driver waiting in the arrival hall of the airport250,- CZK

Waiting (except because of delayed plane)120,- CZK for each
started 20 minutes

Fluently English speaking driver (usually not necessary)30 %

Use of non Czech phone number30,- CZK

Driving between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. (driving at night)10%

Animal (must be in the cage, and may not leave it in the car)100 CZK

Child seat50 CZK

Change in the order30 CZK

Driving from/to another part of Prague, than the airport. up to 700 CZK



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